This pleasant journey begins in a raft through the scenic Río Peñas Blancas. While you go paddling or floating downstream, our naturalist guide will show you a wide variety of trees, birds, monkeys and other wildlife. Later we want to feed you with some fresh, Costa Rican snacks and continue on our day towards La Fortuna Waterfall.

To get to the waterfall you need to get on a hike of about 20 minutes down through a path of stairs in the middle of a lost, natural and of course well maintain canyon. Once there there is no time to lose, get on your swimsuit and go for a swim! Enjoy nature, the water, the feeling and get overwhelmed by such beauty!

Los Rodriguez await you at their ranch to have a nice, tasteful, healthy and traditional lunch, like no other one you will have while in the country, good enough to replenish and continue our day to some more amazing activities!

The afternoon is going to be dedicated to the volcano hike, is not a long hike or strenuous, almost everyone can do it and the experience is unique! Going along the volcano base, through its green rainforest filled with wildlife and its former lava trails there is so much to see and to learn!

By the late afternoon right before sunset you will be done, but wait, there is more! Now you will spend some time at the popular Tabacon Hot Springs Resort and Spa so you can get relieved, relaxed and nutried by the natural minerals running in the flowing waters of tythe hot springs river from each pool. Of course a great buffet dinner will be the best way to end this marvelous day!


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    10 years old & older
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    5 to 9 years old
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    4 years old & younger

Tour Includes

Safari Float River Tour
Waterfall Park Entrance Fee
Arenal Volcano National Park Entrance Fee
Tabacon Hot Springs Entrance Fee
Costa Rican Typical Lunch
Roundtrip Transportation
Local Bilingual Guide

Tour Itinerary


7:30am )approximate) Hotel Pick Up!

We will pick you up at the lobby of your hotel to start this great expedition. The exact pick up time will be confirmed on your itinerary once the reservation is confirmed.


8:10am Ready for boating!

The guide is going to provide all necessary equipment for the boat trip, life jackets and paddles on, as well as clear instructions to navigate down the river.


8:20am Enjoy scenery and wildlife!

Your guide will take you down the river spotting flora and fauna to show you, a great chance to see monkeys, lizards, birds, sloths, and a beautiful calm scenery while navigating on flat water.


10:30am Enjoy a typical snack!

After a couple hours on the river, you will leave the boat and enjoy a delicious Costa Rican snack on a local family farm, tropical fruits, plantain and cheese, and a delicious coffee are part of the menu. A highlight of the day comes next, after a 30 minutes scenic drive!!


11:30am Breath taken away!

Its time for the famous La Fortuna Waterfall, a MUST TO SEE! Whether you plan on swimming or not, this 246 feet tall waterfall coming from the middle of the mountain is breathtaking. An observation platform offers a great view from the top right before you start the walk through 498 steps down to reach the swimming hole, your guide will guide you through and watch your belongings while you swim. You must bring a towel with you if you plan on swimming. After refreshing in the clear water, you will climb up back the 498 steps, you can do it at your own pace. Clean changing rooms are available to put dry clothes on.


1:00pm Bon Appetite!

A fresh and tasty typical lunch is going to be waiting for you at an outdoor private farm in the country side, allowing for a real contact of Costa Rica cuisine and our popular "casado" which translates to English as "married", it is the basis of our typical lunch and consist of rice, beans, salad, picadillo, meat of your preference (chicken, beef, fish, or pork), and fried sweet plantain. Vegetarian option is always available.


2:00pm Majestic Arenal!

After a 20 minutes drive we will reach a world's famous one, Arenal Volcano. Even though is has been visible from the distance all day, at this point we will be on a 2 hours walk at the base of him and through ancient lava flows, allowing us for breathtaking observation points and learning interesting facts and history that our local guide has to share with you. Walking to the crater is forbidden, due to the unexpected gases and rough terrain, there is not even a trail there, you will be at the base of the volcano overlooking the giant mountain and enjoying the rain forest at the base of it.


5:00pm Time to Relax!

On top of Arenal wonders, Tabacon Hot Springs offers a natural thermal river that flows through the gardens, to make you feel like in paradise. There are five different springs with temperatures ranging from 25 degrees Celsius (77 degrees Fahrenheit) to 50 degrees Celsius (122 degrees Fahrenheit). Perfect for families and couples.


7:00pm Dinner time!

Dinner is included at Tabacon, a delicious buffet is waiting for you. The time for dinner can be coordinated upon arrival, it can be 5:00pm, 6:00pm, 7:00pm, or 8:00pm.


8:00pm Hotel Drop off!

This extraordinary day is accomplished, leaving a very good taste of Arenal wonders and everlasting memories. We will drop you off back at your hotel.

People Love Us

The 4 in 1 tour was fantastic. Tony was an excellent guide. He went above and beyond to ensure we had a great day. He is extremely knowledgable about the wildlife, and the country. He spotted a Sloth that we would never have seen and a family of monkeys including babies. We saw three types of Kingfisher which is pretty exceptional. The food is perfect and lots of it. I would recommend the tour to anybody that wants a full day of amazing sites in Arenal.

Laura Alonso


From start to finish this tour was just incredible. Our tour guide Carlos met us at the hostel and explained how the day was planned out. We started with a tour along the river spotting wildlife, including white faced monkeys, howler monkeys, river otters, and many many birds. We then moved on La Fortuna waterfall and fortunate enough to have a swim. After lunch we hiked up to the Arenal volcano which was breaktaking. Along the way, Carlos was able to spot an abundance of wildlife and gave us the detailed history of the volcano and how it affected thrle nearby towns. Along the way he was able to answer all of our questions regarding everything, from the wildlife to the history of Costa Rica itself. I cannot praise him enough. He was fantastic. The end of the tour finished with relaxing in the hot springs. All food and water was provided and it really was a fantastic day.

Sameena Williamson


Michael was amazing as was the whole tour!! Edgar was also amazing!!! Best tour I’ve ever been on, keep up the good work.

Phil Pollack



Read some of the most asked questions about 4 in 1 Safari + Waterfall + Volcano + Tabacon Hot Springs.

Transportation is included from any hotel in La Fortuna and the Arenal area, some hotels are located further away from the main area, in this case an extra fee may apply. If your place is not on the list just ask us!
Pick up is usually between 7am and 7:30am (it varies depending on the location of your hotel) and takes about 9 hours to complete. By 5:30 pm you will be heading to Tabacon Hot Springs Resort after all activities have been completed successfully. Tabacon closes at 10pm, you can stay for as long as needed.
A delicious Costa Rican lunch will be provided and served by a local family in a beautiful location next to one of the rivers so you can be in peace with nature and be able to observe some more animals and birds. Also snacks like fruits and water are provided along the day and a deserving dinner will be provided at Tabacon after bathing and relaxing.
Sure they can! Everyone can have a great time at the safari float, the waterfall, the surrounding of the volcano national park and the hot springs, although we believe is more enjoyable for kids 4 years old and over. It may seem like a long day but is not so strenuous, hikes are easy to moderate and there is time to rest in between each activity. Is the perfect combination of you don't have much time in the Arenal area or wish to do as much as possible.
Hiking shoes or sneakers will be ideal for the hikes as well as comfortable clothes: shorts, t-shirts, tank tops. A change of shoes and clothes may be also required if you plan to go for a swim to the refreshing waterfall and the thermal pools. Don't forget a bathing suit, there will be changing rooms before starting the hike down to the waterfall if needed or after the hike and at Tabacon. Bring also mosquito repellent, sunscreen and a raincoat in case of an usual rainshower.
Sure, keep in mind it will be under your supervision and we highly recommend a waterproof case.
Not entirely, the walk at the volcano is not though, there are different trails that can be explored and go from 2 km up to 3 km (1.2 - 2 miles). Pace is slowed since you will be with a guide giving you information about the volcano, the birds and wildlife found on the way and time to take nice pictures. Based on the trail chosen a little elevation will be required. The guide will choose with the group the right option. The hike to the waterfall though is a hike down on steep stairs, 520 stairs to be precise and then back up. Is worth the adventure, kids and people of all ages can do it. You can make it slowly at your own pace and enjoy the views, usually takes 20 minutes on the way down and 25 on the way up. We do not recommend the visit to the waterfall to the ones with hip or knee problems, but if you have any of these conditions and wish to be part of the tour you can remain at the main facilities of the waterfall park where there is an observatory, restrooms and a nice restaurant so you can enjoy of a drink or two. And on the safari you will be seated on a nice raft while at the safari float trying to see and learn as much as possible of the rainforest and its animals.
If a shower or rain happens before or during the tour, it continues as planned, remember is the rainforest and it should be expected. Unless there is a tropical storm in sight then the tour may be cancelled or postponed but we will contact you in advance to inform you.
Yes, we offer pick up and drop off to most destinations in the country, please contact us to coordinate it and quote the extra fee.
We are very accessible, with a 24 hour notice you can get a refund, just don't forget to notify us.
We have in Arenal tropical weather, it means is usually hot and humid with some rain always on the sight, not heavy rain, usually sun showers towards the end of the afternoon or late evenings. During the months of January, February, March which are considered to be summer, temperature goes between 28°-32° Celsius or 82-90 Fahrenheit and during the rainy season it varies from 22°-28° centigrades or 71-82 Fahrenheit.
Climbing the Arenal Volcano up to its crater is not allowed, there are only a few trails mostly around the base of the volcano with a little altitude that can be explored, these trails show a combination of rainforest, wildlife, the last footprints of the lava that used to flow and incredible views. That is the closest as someone can get. Some trails will have views of the valley and the Arenal lake. The Arenal Volcano, although has not throwed lava for the last 8 years is still considered active, every once in awhile you can witness the fumaroles coming out of the summit. The terrain is not welcoming for people, on one side there is much forest with wildlife like wildcats, snakes and many wild animals and on the other side is sandy and rocky and unstable.
Yes, it is considered one of the active volcanoes of the country. In 2010 was the last time it throwed lava but it is still active, we can usually observe the fumaroles from its main crater and the rivers are still hot, hence the hot springs.
That's a great question, there are many different resorts that offer hot springs, some are for guests use only which is fine because are more exclusive and quiet but if wish to explore more options or if you stay at a hotel with no hot springs there are plenty of options to choose from. Tabacon Resort and Spa Being one of the most popular natural hot springs spot in the world most visitors come to enjoy the peaceful surroundings with a variety of pools of different temperatures and sizes all hidden within the most wonderful and attractive tropical gardens that open up the way for relaxing exploration. The pools are filled with water from an actual hot water river that flows all around the property. There is anything more natural than this. Temperatures vary from 22° to 40° Celsius (72-105F) and you can see small natural cascades to soften your body and spirit. 2. Baldi Hot Springs Consider as the largest hot springs in the world it offers 25 pools of all sizes and temperatures amidst the rainforest surrounded by waterfalls and caves so that everyone can enjoy. Is more like a family place, it offers a water playground for the little ones, water slides, caves to explore, wet bars and restaurants so that everybody can spend a relaxing and fun time. 3. Los Perdidos Hot Springs This being part of the astonishing The Springs Resort, you can get a day pass and enjoy amazing panoramic views as well as a relaxing time at the hot springs, make sure you visit the unique little pools at the bottom of the resort that are immerse in the rainforest at the most peaceful place on earth. 4. Eco Termales A great option to relax and explore. Although it is a smaller option, it also is a more exclusive place, is not as crowded as other places get from time to time and also has its pools also filled with the river water, very natural and relaxing ambience. 5. Paradise Hot Springs Another beautiful, little place to enjoy a relaxing time. It's located right in front of the volcano which makes you have a wonderful view too. Transportation is only included with Los Perdidos option, to all other options you can drive or call a taxi from frontdesk. Depending to your hotel location these can be from 5 up to 25 minutes away. Which one do you prefer? You can combine any of these options with any activity you do during the day or you can get a day pass and enjoy of a nice lunch or dinner, just ask us!